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Hi I am Dr. Matt and welcome to Vet Ranch!   My normal day can range from vaccinations to emergency surgeries.  This career, while hectic at times, is always exciting and rewarding.

As a whole I love being a vet, but there are some definite down sides.  Often we are faced with a suffering animal that needs help, but the owners are either unwilling or unable to pay for treatment.  In a lot of these cases the condition is treatable, but without treatment the animal will die or be left suffering.  This puts the pressure on the veterinarian to either euthanize or donate his time and money to save the animal.  Every vet has rescued numerous animals out of the goodness of their heart using money from their own pockets, but we just can’t do it every time.  We have families to feed, bills to pay, and most vets don’t have a lot of free time to donate.

I have been making youtube videos for a number of years, and have been quite successful, amassing hundreds of thousands of followers and millions of views.  I started a new channel based on my veterinary career hoping for it to grow quickly with the goal to use it’s success for the benefit of animals.  So far, the growth has exceeded my expectations, and the audience’s response and desire to help has been overwhelming.

So this is my new project, to build Vet Ranch to be a place where homeless animals can come to be cured.  Cured from treatable injury or disease that would otherwise prevent them from being adopted or result in euthanasia.  I look forward to working with all of Vet Ranch’s viewers to help save as many animals as possible.  All donations will go directly to the cost of treatment for the animals you see on Vet Ranch.  Therefor, YOU have a direct impact on the animals, and thanks to the power of YouTube, you will see the faces of the animals that you have impacted.  You can hear those purrs and see those waggy tails at the end of their recovery.

Vet Ranch is now a non-profit organization funded solely by our viewers’ generous donations.   Whether it’s $1 or $1000, your donation is greatly needed and greatly appreciated.  I am now working with rescue groups who have dogs and cats waiting for treatment.  Let’s fix them all!!!!!!

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