Jax, The Skinny Puppy, EPI

Jax has been skinny his whole life.  He was brought to me to find out why.  After diagnosing a condition that would require lifelong treatment, the owners elected euthanasia.  But Jax was lucky he was at the Vet Ranch hospital. I adopted him instead and used funds from a kind donor to perform a life-saving surgery and nurse him for over a month back to health.

Tom, Diaphragmatic Hernia

Tom was hit by a car but seemed fine.  The owner’s noticed that he was having trouble breathing and would get tired easily.  We diagnosed a diaphragmatic hernia and took him to surgery to correct it.

Janie the Lab, Hit By a Car

Janie is a black lab who was found nearly dead on the side of the road.  I was called to euthanize her as she was suffering with nearly life-threatening injuries.  Janie wasn’t ready to go, here is her story.